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Tom Bird's Weekend Writer's Workshop

Before the retreat, most of the authors attending tell Tom Bird that they doubt they can write an entire book in a weekend. That fear is usually dashed by the conclusion of the first day of the retreat.

Not only do they walk away from the retreat with a finished, partially revised book, which they can easily finish at home, but, with the sharpness of their critical minds numbed by the speed at which they wrote their books, they walk away from the retreat with books that they love as well.

The literary inspiration, which is the form your book initially takes, normally pours out of an author at an average of 2,000 words an hour.

Thus, our pre-retreat responsibility is to help you remove from yourself any and all emotional blocks that could stand in the way of your book literally writing itself, as all great books have been known to do. Through doing the proper preparation for the retreat, which can take as little as six hours, each author then comes to the retreat ready to release his/her book.

Those attending a retreat usually average significantly over 2,000 words an hour. Considering that the average books comes in at just under 35,000 words, over 90% of our authors finish the writing of their books by the end of the second day of the 3 1/2 day retreat.

The rest of the retreat is used for revising their books and for selecting a plan for the publication of their books.

Limited Space Left for June 2-5th!

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Online Retreat Info

This remote retreat is an online event that takes place in the AZ time zone. Recordings of the event will not be available.

  • Thursday 4:30pm to 9:30pm
    *(this meeting is not mandatory, but it is strongly suggest that all retreat participants attend)
  • Friday 7:30am to 6:30pm
  • Saturday 7:30am to 6:30pm
  • Sunday 10:00am to 2:00pm

Each retreat is divided into three phases, designed to give you the life/career-changing, permanent results you deserve:

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Phase One: Preparation and Education

This phase is designed to:

  • Remove the effects of any and all inappropriate education or training that you may have experienced that may have kept you from achieving the results you deserve with your writing/publishing endeavors.
  • Prime you for taking full advantage of your retreat experience, by offering you both immediate and permanent results.
  • Further information on the exact topics covered and assignments for each week will be emailed to you by Tom Bird’s team shortly after signing up for a retreat.

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Phase Two: The Retreat

With the proper education and understanding you need in place, and all that could have held you back as an author up to this point out of the way, you are now primed and ready to write like a bestselling author.

There will be a pre-retreat clearing session the evening before the retreat officially begins. The purpose of this session is to get you “in the flow” with your book.

The following morning, the retreat promptly begins at 6:50 AM. After a short, general introduction, the retreat will begin, and after approximately thirty minutes you will be writing or continuing with the writing of your book.

The average writing speed at a retreat is over 2,000 words an hour (yes, this is more than possible for anyone – including you), so, at a speed like that, you will compose approximately 16,000 words a day.

What is the average length of an American book these days? Thirty-five thousand words. So you can immediately see where the ability to write your book over the course of a long weekend comes into play.

We keep writing/revising through the second day of the retreat and the third and final day concludes at 2:00pm.

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Phase Three: Revision

No book is fully completed until it has been thoroughly revised, and no one understands that better than we do.

So, utilizing the momentum and escalated confidence you have gained as a result of having completed your book at the retreat under the guidance of Tom, you will immediately move into the third and final phase – Revision.

Why Our Writing Retreat System Works So Well And Has Worked So Well For So Long:

Tom Bird’s extreme amount of experience in working with tens of thousands of would-be writers over nearly three decades has shown us that to be able to write a publishable, potentially life-changing/best-selling book at any time, let alone in as short a period of time as a weekend, five factors need to be in place:


that a write or right state exists. It is from this state, which we can easily show you how to access, that your greatest results as an author will emerge. It is also from this easily accessible place that all of the great works of literature have been birthed. So by accessing this place, which lies deep inside each one of us, you will be accessing the same brilliance, depth and talent as those great authors who have come before you.


of the effects of all inappropriate information and guidance in regard to writing and publishing, which will then make room for the implementation of a proven plan with proven results, which will lead you to the writing and publishing success you deserve.


about how to access the above state. As mentioned, entrance into this special state is available to each one of us, and we can show you how to access this place — and also take you to that place — in a matter of minutes.


to access your book(s) through a connection with that place — a place through which, as mentioned, all great books spring.


about how to remain in that place long enough and consistently enough to take advantage of the many benefits of being in that state, including the ability to write really fast, to complete your finished, well-written, moving, potentially best-selling book.


the environment and group energy for super-charged focus.

What Writers Say:

I made the decision to sign up for this retreat. There were times in the days before its start that I almost cancelled, because I could feel my fear wanting to keep me in a place that was familiar. I entertained the idea of staying in a comfortable but frustrating hell – a holding pattern I desperately wanted to grow myself out of. With Tom’s expert guidance and amazing support team, I was able to show up and stay the course. I finished my book, a first step toward a new way of living. Being at and fully participating in this retreat has given me confidence to know that I can, despite my fears and limiting self beliefs, take a chance on myself and leap into a new life experience. I feel amazing!
– Holly Messick

I knew coming in, that I would exit this retreat as a different kind of writer and a very different editor. I even knew that I would be different emotionally. I did not realize that I would have or develop such a different relationship with chaos (that it’s necessary to just give into the whole tornado as it’s coming at you) with destruction (tearing it all to the ground and building it back up again), or leaving behind what I have always considered my greatest strengths. I have become something very unfamiliar to myself at this retreat. I look forward to meeting this woman and author in the days to come. Thank you.
– Brenda Man Fletcher

In what way has this retreat positively affected my life? It moved me through much that blocked the writing flow. It pushed me to a greater degree of connection with my inner author and showed me I can connect with the Theta state while writing, which really brings flow and fun to my writing. Plus book one is almost ready to move into review by Tom and the final editors. Book 2 is cleaning up to soon be another ready for the finals steps towards publishing. And book 3 is asking for release and expression so I’ll start it in one week. I’m also ready to blog weekly. That’s a commitment. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. You’re a life changing agent!
– Lynne Cockrum-Murphy

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When you attend a retreat, you receive:

  • The opportunity to finally and fully get your literary voice released and your book publishable book written
  • The opportunity to heal and better all areas of your life through finally writing your book
  • The a real chance to pursue your career as an author
  • The opportunity to build your platform and significantly enhance your career as a professional through the successful completion of your book

And if you follow our plan, you will leave with your book not only written but revised or at least well on the road to being completely revised.

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