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  • Intensive Spiritual Development

    Renowned psychic medium Hans King is going to teach you how to establish your direct connection with Spirit. Learn the keys to having a lifelong connection that gets enhanced over time as you discover the language that builds the bridge between worlds. Contains 3 hours of video instruction with accompanying PDF worksheets, plus 4 additional mp3s totaling 2 hours of instruction

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  • The Spring Season Empowerment Bundle

    Spring is a time of phenomenal renewal. The earth reawakens and explodes with new life. In our own lives, Spring can be symbolic of starting new projects, sewing new seeds and coming forth with new ideas. Our Spring gift guide includes 10 unique opportunities to learn and grow for the new year. With experts in topics ranging from neuroscience, wellness, spirituality and fulfillment, the teachings in our gift guide provide everything your mind needs for positive life improvement for the holidays and beyond.

    **all items in this package are delivered digitally**

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  • Celestial Music for the Soul by Jim Oliver

    This is music created to help you to discover and clear the blocks in your life. Breathe the music in. This is your initiation to yourself – your coronation – your celebration of being alive. Allow your self to receive, and listen to the choirs of voices that welcome you home. **all items in this package are delivered digitally**

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  • Emergineering Mastery with Derek Rydall

    The deepest part of yourself – that part that can never be hurt, that can never be diminished — is always abundant and powerful. Can you imagine the freedom in that? Be able to face any condition, any seeming obstacle, and know that you can not only overcome it – but be better on the other side. **all items in this package are delivered digitally**

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  • Consciousness, Spirituality, and Your Brain

    Mark specializes in what he calls “practical neuroscience.” He has transformed the last 15 years of his academic research into a series of essential materials showing you how you can use the latest neuroscientific discoveries to become more satisfied with every aspect of your life. **all items in this package are delivered digitally**

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  • Rainbow Meditation Pack

    A meditation practice has been shown to have lasting effects through all aspects of your daily life. However, some days, you might not even meditate at all. That's why I like to switch between my favorite guided meditations and visualizations depending on my current energy. That's why I've created this Rainbow Daily Meditation Pack for you. Look below to see what you get! **all items in this package are delivered digitally**

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  • Becoming Aware Hardcover Book

    Stop going through the motions in life and take the time to become aware! Lisa Garr's first book is now available! Her mission - on her internationally syndicated radio program, The Aware Show, and now in her first book - is to inspire positive growth in all areas of life and bring conscious conversations into everyone’s living room.

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  • "Becoming Aware" Guide

    A special collection of tools and techniques that are very dear to me. Each one of these helped me through my near tragic accident, and I still use them today to become the person that I am.

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