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Highly effective, cutting-edge thinking is at the core of all of our programs, leading the way for advancements in life and personal development. The world around you is changing but is the world within you that really will benefit from your focus on yourself. You control how you respond and react to your perception of the world and we want to make this better for you.

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This is the one place you can come to where the worlds leading experts on topics have been curated for you to bring you the best and the brightest interviews, courses and products to help you be the best you can be. Today you may need to be less stressed or determine how to absolutely nail your job interview, or decide your want to learn about neuroplasticity. It’s all here for you right at your fingertips.

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With over 4000 interviews from the worlds leading experts like Dr. Bruce Lipton, Daniel G. Amen MD, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Wayne Dyer, and more, we have unified the worlds best thinkers about what you can do to personally take charge of your life. For the first time ever these works are curated and presented in a way that makes it fast and easy for your to find just what you need at this moment.

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Lisa Garr

Based on a desire to live in a more conscious world, Lisa Garr created The…

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Bo Rinaldi is a C Level Executive and Entrepreneur in the areas of next generation…

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Julia Miller has enjoyed both executive and entrepreneur success in leading companies’ product marketing and…

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We gratefully contribute to people around the world with our products and services for life empowerment. We treat all people with respect and appreciation of their humanity. High quality, mindful innovation and social consciousness guide our values and business decisions. Customers’ value and partners needs are balanced to make a fair profit. Our vision is to assist humanity to be illuminated by communicating interactive and empowering messages that inspire positive growth and change.

We responsibly appreciate our team members, the men and women who work with us globally. We respect each person and consider their contribution. We strive to provide a sense of security and collaboration in our work environment. Associates are free to make suggestions and recommendations for improvement. We believe in equal opportunity for all and must provide competent management with actions which are just and ethical.

We recognize we have a shared responsibility to provide a healthy environment in our global community. As good citizens we support great works, charities with 5% of our net profits and accept payment of taxes. We advocate for a better well being for all we serve and support protection of precious natural resources. We acknowledge we are only as extraordinary as those people we surround ourselves with and therefore; will always be open to new ideas and thinking even when it challenges conventional wisdom. We proudly align ourselves with others who practice a similar vision.

-The Life Empowerment Network Team

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The Life Empowerment Network is committed to improving and empowering the lives of people around the world. We have partnered with the following organizations to make an impact in the lives of our youth, ailing people, and others in need.